Large Burmese Votive Panel, Shan States, 112cm LAN1722

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Large Burmese Votive Panel, Shan States, 112cm.

Superb, and very scarce, example of an antique Buddhist Votive panel from Burma, Shan States. Late 19th / early 20th Century.

18 carved seated Buddhas are depicted in this teak wood panel, with polychrome, glass and lacquer decoration. Excellent condition overall - just 1 piece of glass decoration missing on the edge. Repairs to lower finials. The panel emerges from a lotus pedestal base.

Each Buddha's hands are in the gesture of Bhumisparsa Mudra - the symbol of touching the earth; calling the earth to witness. In Thai it is better known as the subduing Mara position - Mara being the demon that tried to prevent the Buddha attaining enlightenment. The legs are in full lotus position. 

This is a substantial piece and will require pallet delivery - please enquire to discuss before purchasing.

Approx dimensions:
Height = 112cm, Width = 52cm, Depth = 18cm.