Burmese lacquer Yun storage chest, Thitta LAN1420

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Burmese lacquer Yun storage chest, Thitta

Lovely example of Yun technique lacquerware box of large size. A beautiful incised lacquer design adorns this large rectangular box known in Burmese as a Thitta. Hinged lid.

The lid depicts a scene with 7 figures; the main central figure appears to be a Princess in a palatial room. She has 3 female attendants to the left and on the right are 3 seated male figures, probably musicians.

Seated male and female court attendants adorn the sides of the box. The 2 black panels for personalisation of the chest, at top and bottom, remain unadorned.

Age: circa 1900-1930

45.5cm long x 35cm wide x 11cm high

Interior compartment capacity:
42cm long x 32.7cm wide x 9.5cm high