W T G Henderson Collection: Working Papers and Asian Art Images from the Oriental Expert of Glendining & Co, London from 1920s onwards LAN1633

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Collection of Working Papers and Asian Art Images of W T G Henderson, Oriental Expert of Glendining & Co, London from 1920s onwards.


We recently acquired a collection of documents and images from W T G Henderson, a Scotsman, who was Oriental Expert for the auction house of Glendining & Co in London from the 1920s and onwards. The content is focused on Japanese art, but also includes Chinese art, as well as more diverse subject areas. Much of this work would have been used when producing auction catalogues of the time.

This consists of:

Manuscript Essay on 'Japan's Sturdy Manhood'.

2 x Manuscript Essays on Agates marked as being sent by Mrs E Henderson

Detailed working notes from books by Hobson and Hetherington.

Collection of assorted notes, photographic prints and object annotations.

Original large format glass slides and transparency negatives of Asian art objects - rough estimate of approx 50 images.

Set of approx 100 sheets where Hendersen has pasted down Japanese art images and grouped them under specific subject headings.

Large bundle of pasted down reference information on world art history - not specific to Asia.

Condition of specific items varies - the majority of this material is from the 1920s and 1930s.

See other listings for specific publications which we have listed separately.