Leather Family Bible, 1707 (or earlier), illustrated Joseph Moxon, Nicolaus Visscher LAN1740

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Leather Family Bible, 1707 (or earlier), illustrated Joseph Moxon, Nicolaus Visscher.


A really wonderful old Scottish Bible. This bible has had some 20th Century restoration work. The original front and rear covers have been retained and a spine in keeping with them (in leather and with raised bands) has been replaced. The result is a very soundly bound bible.

The original leather covers are beautiful with their original brass fittings, although the locking clasps have been lost.

Inside the endpapers have been replaced and a full hand written history of the bible has been listed over 2 pages.

Sadly the original title page and 1st few sheets have been lost and the Bible begins with "The Second Table" at the letter C. This is followed by the Names and Order of all the Books of the Old and New Testaments, leading to an engraved spread of "A Map of all the Earth and how after the Flood it was Divided among the Sons of Noah".

This is then followed by Genesis and the rest of the Bible contents as expected. After Revelations in the New Testament it is followed by "The Psalms of David in Meeter, Newly Translated, and diligently compared with the Original Text and former Translations: More plain, smooth and agreeable to the Text, than any heretofore. Allowed by the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland, and appointed to be sung in Congregations and Families." The remains of the word “Edinburgh” can then be seen showing where the Bible was published.

Dating: The only printed date of printing in this Bible is that of 1707 on the title page of the New Testament. This title page reads "The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Newly translated out of the original Greek, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by his Majesties special command. With brief Summaries and Expositions of Theod. Beza upon the hard places. Together with the Annotations of Fr. Junius upon the Revelation of S. John. The which Notes have never till now set forth with this new translation; but are now placed in due order by J.C."

However in the Psalms section there are dated statements from the Church dating to 1649 and 1650 suggesting an earlier date for this section? The last printed page of this Bible is the 22nd verse of the 106th Psalm. This is followed by the more recent endpapers.

The wonderful engravings were certainly first created at an earlier date as the first engraving in the book by J. Moxon, Hydrographer to the King's most excellent Majesty is dedicated by him to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Gilbert, who served from 1663 to 1667. Moxon himself lived from 1627 to 1691 and we believe the first map in the Bible is from 1681, although it is undated. In other engravings Moxon is translating on earlier work by Nicolaus Visscher of Amsterdam.

The engravings are a key feature of this Bible and included are:

A Map of all the Earth and how after the Flood it was Divided among the Sons of Noah.

Paradise, Or the Garden of Eden.

Forty Years Travels of the Children of Israel.


Canaan, the Land of Promise.

The Travels of St Paul and other the Apostles.

Overall I would rate this Bible as being in good condition. Binding is very sound and restoration is professional, but text pages are foxed and worn at extremities. The worst areas have been backed with restorative tape support and the pages at the back show considerable wear.

The photographs should provide a good indication of condition and I would be happy to answer any specific detailed questions, as I do not profess to be particularly expert on Bibles.

Dimensions: approx. 41cm high x 26cm wide x 7cm deep. A substantial folio sized Bible weighing approximately 5kg.