The Historic Gallery of Portraits and Paintings, 7 Volumes, 1807 LAN1994

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The Historic Gallery of Portraits and Paintings, 7 Volumes, 1807.


The Historic Gallery of Portraits and Paintings; or, Biographical Review: Containing a brief account of the lives of the most celebrated men, in every age and country; and graphic imitations of the finest specimens of the arts; ancient and modern. With remarks, critical and explanatory.

Published by Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe, London, 1807-1811. Presumed 1st edition.

Provenance - The Right Honourable Lord Gray (1937-2016), Bookplate to all inner front covers - except Volume 3.

Fair to good overall. Brown calf leather covers with gilt decoration. Gold monogram of the Gray peerage on the front.  Volumes are all intact and text blocks are soundly bound, but spines are cracked so delicately held together. Spine leather is worn and tops and tails of spines have been trimmed at some point. Text is actually very good. Only minor spotting. Plates and fold-outs are in good condition for their age.

Dimensions of each volume approximately 223mm x 140mm x 36mm. Set weighs 5.5kg unpacked.