W T G Henderson Collection: Sotheby & Co; Egyptian, Greek and Roman Antiquities, 1949 LAN1643

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We recently acquired a collection of documents and images from W T G Henderson, a Scotsman, who was Oriental Expert for the auction house of Glendining & Co in London from the 1920s and onwards. The content is focused on Japanese art, but also includes Chinese art, as well as more diverse subject areas. Much of this work would have been used when producing auction catalogues of the time.

This item is from that collection (see other listings for additional offerings):

Sotheby & Co Auction Catalogue; Catalogue of Egyptian, Greek and Roman Antiquities; Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age Implements and Weapons, 17-18 October 1949.

28pp + XIII Plates.

Dimensions: 250mm high x 157mm wide.

Good condition. Slight vertical crease to front cover. Well illustrated. With manuscript note from W T G Henderson.