Set of 3 antique bronze Ganesh acoutrements on stand, 18th Century. LAN5230

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Set of 3 antique bronze Ganesh acoutrements on stand, 18th Century, depicting trident, dagger and axe.

This is a very unusual collection - each of these sculptures represents one of the acoutrements that depictions of Ganesh are usually seen holding. Bronze, most likely Burma, 19th Century. Perhaps originally intended to be part of a large Ganesha statue. circa 18th Century.

Each has its own custom made display stand. Wonderful objects.

Aged patina, but very good, robust condition. Stands may have minor imperfections.

Dimensions - Trident:
With stand: 42cm high x 13.5 cm wide x 12cm deep.
Without stand: 36cm long x 13.5cm wide x 3.3cm deep.

Dimensions - Axe:
With stand: 34cm high x 15 cm wide x 8cm deep.
Without stand: 25cm long x 15cm wide x 4.5cm deep.

Dimensions - Dagger:
With stand: 50cm high x 10 cm wide x 10cm deep.
Without stand: 35cm long x 9cm wide x 3.7cm deep.