Pali Text Society: The Book of Kindred Sayings (Sanyutta-Naikaya), 5 Volume Set LAN1743

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Pali Text Society: The Book of Kindred Sayings (Sanyutta-Naikaya) or Grouped Suttas, 5 Volume Set (complete).


Translated by F.L. Woodward and edited by Mrs Rhys Davids. First published for the Pali Text Society by Luzac and Company of London and the Oxford University Press.

These are wiro bound reproductions from the originals, with plastic covers. Following the reprinted copies of this text produced between 1950 and 1956 (the originals published between 1925 and1930). Formerly library copies from a university in India. A useful study set in good condition.


Part I: Kindred Sayings with Verses (Sagatha-Vagga).
Part II: The Nidana Book (Nidana-Vagga).
Part III: The Khanda Book (Khandha-vagga).
Part IV: The Salayatana Book (Salayatana Vagga).
Part V: Maha-Vagga (The Great Chapter).

Dimensions: Each volume approximately 21cm high x 17cm wide x 3cm deep. Total set weighs approx. 2kg unpacked.

Text in English.