Burmese Buddhist manuscript, illustrated palm leaf, Profusely Illustrated, 23cm LAN1801

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Burmese Buddhist manuscript, illustrated palm leaf, Profusely Illustrated, 23cm.


This small Burmese manuscript, similar to kammavaca, consists of 2 wooden covers painted and decorated with a raised motif, and 10 double sided palm leaf panels. All bound together with thread, and concertina style bound.

One side features hand drawn illustrations of the Buddha alongside Burmese zodiac symbols and scenes from the Buddha's life.

Like most of these manuscipts from Burma, the leaves have been bound and mounted within newer wooden covers in a traditional style. The leaves would originally have been collated on a bamboo skewer.

This is a particularly attractive example of the art, and rare to find such copious colour illustration. A really lovely item. Sometimes displayed as a mounted wall hanging.

The other side features tightly scripted Burmese Pali text in its rounded form. Approximately 8 lines per panel.

Closed: 23cm wide x 5cm high x 3cm deep
Open: 23cm wide x 54cm high.

20th Century.