Inchtuthil Roman Nails Presentation Set, AD 83-87, plus Booklet LAN4053

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Inchtuthil Roman Nails Presentation Set, AD 83-87, plus Booklet.


In the summer of 1960 a huge hoard of ancient Roman nails was excavated at Inchtuthil, a Roman legionary fortress near Blairgowrie in Scotland.

The hoard had been buried by the Romans when they left Scotland and dates to AD 83-87.

Some of these nails were packaged into boxed sets and sold to the public. This set of 5 was originally sold for 25 Shillings. It was produced by Colvilles Ltd and consists of 5 nails mounted into a teak presentation box, with sliding perspex lid, felt base and presentation label.

Box size: 35cm x 15cm x 5cm.

The nail sizes range from approximately 21cm (over 8 inches) down to 6cm (over 2 inches).

Very good condition overall.

Supplied with Roddy Fraser's excellent 12pp colour booklet with details of the find.