Karen Hill Tribe Votive Torso Sculpture, KH5 LAN1762

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Karen Hill Tribe Votive Torso Sculpture, KH5.

This is a very interesting old woodcarved face from the Karen people of northern Thailand.

The majority of Karen people are Buddhists who also practice animism, particularly the highland Karens, who speak the Sgaw language and who have very strong animist beliefs. They believe that 37 spirits (klar) inhabit the body and when these spirits wander away illness results and that when all are gone, death occurs.

These sculptures are likely to represent these klar, and would typically be housed on a domestic altar or be placed elsewhere around the home to bring protection and good health to the inhabitants. 

Very unusual sculptures indeed.

Carved wood with considerable wear. Difficult to age exactly but early 20th Century. A wonderful and exotic decorative item. 

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Approx dimensions (excluding stand):

Height = 40cm.

Width = 19cm.

Depth = 12cm.

With stand, height approximately: 68cm.