W T G Henderson Collection: Transactions of the Japan Society, London; 1905-06 and 1930 LAN1639

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We recently acquired a collection of documents and images from W T G Henderson, a Scotsman, who was Oriental Expert for the auction house of Glendining & Co in London from the 1920s and onwards. The content is focused on Japanese art, but also includes Chinese art, as well as more diverse subject areas. Much of this work would have been used when producing auction catalogues of the time.

This item is from that collection (see other listings for additional offerings):


Transactions and Proceedings of of the Japan Society, London, Volume VII, Fifteenth Session, 1905-1906, Part II.
Published 1907 by Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co Ltd, London


The Transactions of the Japan Society: A Retrospect by F J Peplow, reprinted from The Transactions of The Japan Society of London, Vol XXVII, 1930.

The 1905-1906 is the main volume here - condition of the interior is generally very good, but the spine has deteriorated. Although all bound at present (just) the spine will need to be taped or repaired to maintain integrity. Due to spine damage only fair rating is appropriate, but content is very good. This volume runs from p. 159-310 and includes numerous plates. Dimensions: 248mm x 160mm x 20mm. Scarce.

The 1930 reprint is in good condition. Dimensions: 252mm x 168mm x 4mm. Scarce.