Rare Yao people tribal lantern mask - Laos no. 2 LAN1100

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Yao people tribal lantern mask - Laos no. 2

Rare, authentic lantern mask from the Yao people of Laos. A naked flame is lit behind these masks, and hence the masks are charred in appearance.

This mask was purchased in Laos around 1995, and my estimate of its age is probably no more than about 20-30 years old at that time - the way they are used is not conducive to them lasting a long time. What it lacks in age in makes up for in authenticity as many masks sold in South East Asia are fakes and really just produced for the tourist market.

The masks were possibly used in fertility rituals, but I cannot confirm this for sure.


Height = 38cm (excl stand) x 16cm wide x 10cm deep
Height on stand = 55.5cm

Supplied with simple black stand (removable)