Album with 7 Original Works of Art, 1916-1928 LAN1701

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Album with 7 Original Works of Art, 1916-1928.

We would love to know the full story behind this album, but alas know no details at all, other than the pictures convey...

This consists of a hardback album with padded covers. Dimensions: approx 20cm high x 23.5cm wide x 3.5cm deep.

Among its pages there are 7 original works of art in different styles and of considerably quality. Please see photographs.

They comprise:

1. C (possibly T) Sumner, 1916. 

2. G Heys (undated).

3. A.V.P. For Conscience Sake, 1916.

4. Margery Cock, 1927.

5. F.C. - initials can be interpreted differently (undated).

6. Harold Garlick, 1928.

7. Dora Vyse-Barlow, 1927.

In near fine condition overall.