Contemporary Original Artwork by Unknown Artist, C. LAN3192

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Contemporary Original Artwork by Unknown Artist, C.

We have an unusual selection of contemporary artworks at the moment. Whilst purchasing another item at auction we were delighted to find that along with it came an artist's folio with a considerable number of paintings and drawings in mixed media. We have been unable to find out any information about the artist at all and none of the works are signed. They were sourced in Scotland so the artist may be Scottish. Whoever the artist is, or was, the work is very accomplished.

We suspect the artist is male because in work 'C' (depicted here), there is a reflection of a man depicted as a glass refelection which is likely to be a self portrait we feel.

An original painting mounted on artboard and with clear mylar style covering. 

Approximate dimensions.

Total size: 51cm high x 77cm wide.
Image size: 28cm high x 55cm wide.